Why do I need a reservation to use the pool?

We’re still limited to the number of people who can use the facility at any given time in Phase Three. To control the number of members in the facility, we’ve limited access to the pool to those using the pool. Access to the pool is tied to a reservation to swim or use the wading pool.

How many reservations do I have?

Currently, each individual can make up to two reservations per day. Reservations must now be made using Member Splash.

How do I make a reservation using Member Splash? What kind of reservations can I make?

You must first be logged on to your family’s Member Splash account (https://hmsrc.membersplash.com). Next, go to https://hmsrc.membersplash.com/membership/reservations/. Read the notice at the top of the page and scroll down to the calendar below “Make a Reservation.” In the upper left corner of the calendar, you we see a drop down under “facility.” Select the facility to choose the type of reservation you wish to make. If you just want to relax in the pool or use the diving board, make a reservation for “Main Pool and Dive Well (Phase 3).” If you would like to reserve a lane for lap swim, make a reservation for “Lap Lane [4, 5, or 6].” If you would like to reserve the wading pool, make a reservation for “Wading (Baby) Pool.” Click on the time slot you desire. A popup dialogue will tell you how many reservations are available and allow you to select which member(s) on the account will use the reservation. Select the name(s) of each family member going to the pool and click “Book It.” After you have booked the reservation, you can view or delete your reservation from the main page of your Member Splash account. You can watch this video to see how a reservation is made. If you run into difficulties making a reservation, Contact Kristen McBrayer at membership@hmsrc.org or Ed Hau at (703) 622-6269 / treasurer@hmsrc.org.

Here are some YouTube videos that might also be helpful:



Why did we switch to making reservations using Member Splash?

When we opened for Phase One, Member Splash not yet completed building the reservation tool in their system. To make sure we could open, our Webmaster Jeff Cobb built the reservation system we’ve used in Phases One and Two from scratch in his spare time. It has worked really well. The Member Splash reservation now has the most of capabilities we need and will make it easier for the staff to check members into the pool. Making sure the new system is ready is one reason we waited a few days to enter Phase Three.

When can I enter the facility?

If you have a reservation, even if it’s a just one hour for lap swim or the wading pool, you may enter the facility any time during that two-hour session (the green blocks in the table above). If you reserved the wading pool or a lap lane, you cannot enter the wading pool or the lap lane until your reservation begins. When your lane reservation ends, please exit the wading pool or lap lane so the next family or swimmer can enter the pool. Everyone must leave the facility when it closes for cleaning.

Now that the pool is open for two hours at a time, can I spend two hours at the pool?

Yes, if you have a reservation, you can be at the pool for both hours of your session. For example, if the pool opens at 12:00 and you have a reservation to swim in Lane 6 at 12:00, you can swim laps in Lane 6 from 12:00 to 1:00. When your lane reservation ends at 1:00, you should exit your lane so the next swimmer can enter the pool. You can then sit on the deck from 1:00 until 2:00. When the pool closes at 2:00, everyone must leave the facility.

Is recreational or free swim allowed in Phase Three?

YES, recreational swim (or free swim) is allowed in Phase Three. The Virginia Phase Three guidelines do allow for free swim in Phase Three provided that ten feet of physical distance is maintained between patrons not of the same household. We will remove the lane lines and the half of the main pool that includes the stairs, the diving well, and lanes 1 through 3 will become the “free-swim” area. Lanes 4, 5, and 6 will remain lap swim only lanes. Swimmers may use the free-swim area of the pool and remain clear of the lap swim lanes.

My young child and I would like to swim together. How do we do that?

Yes, you can swim with your child in the free-swim area of the main pool (or the wading pool if you have reserved it). If you and another family member would like to swim laps together, please reserve both spots in the same lane during the same 60-minute block.

I would like to watch my child swim laps or use the diving board. Can I enter the pool with my child?

Yes, but you must both have a reservation. Make a reservation for each member of the family before coming to the pool. If you wish to sit on the deck, please bring your own folding chair.

How do I swim if I’m sharing a lane with another member?

If you’re sharing a lane, it’s a good idea for you to put your personal items on the opposite end of the pool from the other person. You should use “circle swim” procedures and maintain 10 feet of separation from one another. If you’re not familiar with circle swim, read this post on circle swim and watch this video.

Virginia guidance for Phase Three has no limit on the number of swimmers per lane. Why is Hunter Mill only allowing 2 swimmers per lane?

Because our pool is only 25 meters in length, we made the decision to limit the number of lap swimmers to two per lane during general operating hours.

Why do we have to bring our own chairs?

The Phase Three guidelines mandate that deck furniture be cleaned after every use. Having the lifeguards track which furniture is being used when and continuously clean it whenever furniture is vacated is impractical. Furthermore, the chemicals required to properly clean the furniture will damage our furniture over time. To protect members from possible COVID-19 transmission and safeguard the furniture, we made the decision to keep our deck furniture in storage and allow members to bring their own chairs. Several other pools in the area have made the same risk management decision.

What are the social distancing requirements on deck? Can our family sit together?

Yes, your family can sit together, but you must space your chairs at least ten feet from members outside of your family. The VDH requires at least ten feet of spacing between persons who are not members of the same household.

Why is the social distancing requirement 10 feet at the pool but only 6 feet out in public?

The VDH set the social distancing requirement at 10 feet for swimming pools. Their logic is that swimmers exiting the pool will have more forceful exhalation and therefore necessitates greater distancing to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Can COVID-19 be spread to people through the water in pools?

This is what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has to say: “There is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people through the water used in pools, hot tubs, or water playgrounds. Proper operation and disinfection of pools, hot tubs, and water playgrounds should kill the virus that causes COVID-19. Limit close contact with people outside your home in public spaces, both in and out of the water.”

We know from the CDC that proper operation and maintenance of the pools (including disinfection with chlorine) should inactivate the virus in the water. We do not need to add additional chlorine to the water; the normal operating conditions of our pools are sufficient.

What steps are you taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Following the guidance of the Virginia Department of Health, Fairfax County, the CDC, and other experts, we plan to limit pool capacity, clean regularly, close most indoor spaces, use recommended PPE, and keep members outside with enough room to socially distance themselves from one another. We know that the threat of community spread is dramatically reduced when physically distancing from other in outdoor settings. We will need your cooperation to ensure that we can operate safely.

What should I do if I’m diagnosed with COVID-19 after having visited the Club?

If you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are showing any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the Club under any circumstances. Please visit Fairfax County’s toolkit on what to do if you have symptoms, and let us know so we can take additional steps to ensure the safety of our members and lifeguards.